Emergency Money, a.k.a "Stupid is..." 
True Story.

::Setting:: It’s November 18th, 2016, about 8:00 Friday evening. You’re sitting with your hubby watching an old movie and feeling pretty proud of your life.

Sometimes I just do bone headed stuff. Really, stupid things, like paying a bill twice in the same month. Not just any bill, my student loan payment; the $340 a month bill that’s already on automatic payment through my local credit union…

…And then the text came. “your account, XXXXXXX, balance is under $100”. This drew my attention because we have a minimum  we keep in that fund - just for emergencies. This was quickly followed by a “your account balance is now     -60.00”. Then came the overcharges…Holy Debits Batman! And it’s only 5 more days to payday!

You’ve probably never done anything so stupid. Most likely, you’ve never had to figure out what to do in this situation.  Well, I was panicked. I know what banks like to do. They like to tack daily overdraft charges, one on top of the other.  Before you know it, you’re drowning in red and must promise the blood of your first-born grandchild’s child to get out of debt.  

To make matters worse, in the next 24 hours I had 3 small, but very important automatic payments (for my websites) scheduled to hit my checking account. This would result reek catastrophic havoc on my cyber life. Oh, the humanity! My puny little Pinterest life flashed before my eyes.

Well, I decided, that wasn’t going to happen. I’m always talking about how easy it is to:

1.       Make $20+ an hour

2.       Make Instant Deposits and

3.       Use the Uber MasterCard Fuel Card

I just never thought I’d have to personally prove it.  

So, I took a deep breath, changed into my big girl pants and put my money where my mouth was. I grabbed my phone, my wallet, my tip jar, my coffee travel mug and a handful of Lucky Charms. I kissed the hubby goodbye, made a joke about MSU’s chances at the football game, got in the car, flipped my app to the "online" mode and headed to the streets.

The first call came before I even got outta the drive.1 full tank of gas

11 hours later, (not including self-imposed “I don’t want to get a blood clot“ breaks)  I had deposited a total $240.21, ( that's  $241.71 minus 1.50 for 3 separate instant pay charges) into my account, brought the checking account back to a positivve balance, paid for 3 small bills, 2 cups of Speedway coffee and 1 full tank of gas. Oh, yeah, I made $24 in cash tips, MSU lost to Ohio...AND it was only Saturday afternoon.

Note: I can’t sell that much blood, hawk 520 $1 candy bars to medical marijuana patients, or troll enough family members to scavange 2650 pop bottles in the same amount of time.

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