Is Uber a good fit for women?
In many ways, Uber offers a lot more than the perfect boyfriend ever will.
Uber's ready to turn on…when YOU say so.
     Once you have your daily schedule worked out, you decide when you can and cannot drive for Uber. Once you’re ready, simply get in your car, turn on the app and you’re on your way to your first fare. Ready to call it a day and go play? Turn it off and put it away. You’re in charge in your Uber area.
You’re in the driver seat
     With Uber, you decide when and how long you work. If you need to pick up the kids and take them to a dentist appointment, just log-off the app and do what you need to do. Nobody’s going to get mad or make you work thru lunch.
Pandora serenades you for free.
     While you’re out picking up and dropping off, Pandora plays for FREE on your phone. It’s one of the perks. If you like Barry White, you’re never gonna give it up. But, if Juicy J’s your thing…you got love for everybody while you’re jammin’ around town.
Uber hands it over when you need it.
     Recently, Uber introduced Instant Pay. You simply click and get paid - that fast, right on your debit card. It’ll cost you half a buck each time you use this benefit, but it’s your money. No waiting ‘til payday. If the sitter needs to be paid or if you’re looking at a $50 pair of boots you desperately need, all you have to do is drive ‘til you have the money and click instant pay. That’s right you get paid when you want so you can spend it when you want.
Uber’s up to the challenge all day AND all night.
     If you need to work early AM and be home by noon, Uber’s got your back. If evening hours are more your style, Uber will ride off into the sunset by your side. All of  Uber’s perks are there to make your life easier. Instant pay, Pandora and bonus money are just a few of the privileges available to drivers. 
If Uber's not in your area yet, keep your ear to the ground. You may just hear the engines of change coming your way
What’s your opinion? Would Uber work for you?