Cutting Fuel Expenses and Saving Money

Today's economy requires dedication to saving as well as making money. Every Uber, Lyft,  or other rideshare driver depends on fuel to get around to make a living.

For the new rideshare operator, fuel can be the largest expenditure on the books. Since negotiating gasoline prices is not possible, the small business owner is at the mercy of the daily swing in gas prices.  Without the ability to forecast or pre-negotiate fuel prices, controlling the cost of this commodity can feel like an impossible feat.

This video explains the whys, wheres, and hows to immediately save money at the pumps. You will discover ideas for cutting costs today and in the future and find tips on how to handle moments when money is tight. There's no argument. You need fuel to operate.

You will be introduced to 6 different avenues available to everyone who spends money plus 1 avenue available to Uber partners - the Uber partner fuel card.

So relax, grab a cup of coffee, have a seat and take 15 minutes to discover how the pros save money on fuel at the pumps and set aside a "rainy day fund" for future needs by using these everyday techniques.