Looking for a second job taught me one thing. Most employers are not interested in what you need. They are only interested in what you can do for them. If you're looking to earn  money to pay off debt, buy a new car, pay for next year's vacation or make Christmas fabulous, they're not interested. In fact, many will use this info against you to get you to agree hours, and/or wages you wouldn't normally agree to. As far as they are concerned, people are temporary.

     Applying for  a 2nd job means:  
  • sitting for interviews,
  • listening to their boring sales pitches, (who cares about their expensive, shiny coporate offices?),
  • asking dazzling cookie cutter questions,
  • trying to appear worthy in the Q & A, (will this apron make my butt look fat?),
  • letting the company determine HOW, WHEN and WHERE I work. 
   In the time it takes to fill out their online applications - including all the psycho babble tests - reference forms, personal essays, (really?! It's only a $9/hr temp job!), sit for interviews, wait for a response, (immediate responses make me suspicious), and then wait for the next payroll cycle to complete, you could already be earning REAL money!
      Enter these 3 sanity savers. All 3 of these apps could get you on your way - faster than finding a 2nd job - in less than a week. 

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3 Apps to Earning REAL Money in 7 days or Less

         These are not get rich schemes. There is some work. You have to download an app, apply, upload the required forms, pass a background check, show up and turn on the app. You're ready to go.
        There are some advantages & disadvantages to all 3, but we're not talking about making a career move...well, not yet, anyway, We're talking about earning a 2nd income fast.
1) If your car is not brand spanking new, you can go with UBER.
      Pros: People KNOW UBER; it's almost everywhere & they offer surge (BONUS!) money
     Cons:UBER takes 28% off the top. 'Nuff said.
2) If your car is almost brand spanking new, try LYFT.
     Pros: LYFT pays about the same as Uber, but doesn't take as big a precentage off the top.
     Cons: LYFT is not as well known or as available as Uber. Check it out, sign up for both!
3) If you live in the NYC area, JUNO is making a big splash!
     Pros: Offers their Drivers stock in the company; takes the least % off the top of all 3 apps.
     Cons: Only available in NYC at this time; Drivers should have a rudimentary understanding of stock offerings before agreeing to ANYTHING!