The Almighty Chauffeur's License

Chauffeur’s License: Is it Needed?
The short answer is you don’t need a chauffeur’s license to drive for a rideshare company if you’re driving in the lower tiers, i.e. UberX and Lyft.
Entry level Rideshare
As a rule, you do not need a chauffeur’s license to drive in the entry level tiers for Uber, Lyft or Juno. These are the lowest paid categories for rideshare and are advertised as everyday rides for everyday people.
Many areas embrace the newest rideshare wave. Unless you are planning to upgrade to one of the higher paying tiers, there isn’t any need. BUT!, (it’s a big one) there are a few municipalities who, due to geographical locations, populations, outside pressure or public safety issues require the driver to obtain a simple chauffeur’s license. These areas are far and few. Check out your area, contact your Uber hub to find out more.
The advantages to having a Chauffeur’s license
Uber is a popular choice with college kids, business travelers and working people in the Lansing area. But, so are taxis and cabs. Remember Rider satisfaction is king! One rider asked if I had a license and was surprised to find out I actually do! I also told him I have a motorcycle license.  It was only $10 more and I was due for a new license. This little bit of news gained me a little credibility with the rider and he tipped well. Hint: A little “expertise” goes a long way with Uber, Lyft or Juno riders. 
Bonus! My insurance man seems to like the idea I have the additional license endorsement. My insurance premiums weren’t affected, but I still believe he was pleased with the news. 
Planning for the future
So there it is. If you’re starting out in the lower tiers, the odds are you don’t need a chauffeur’s license. Still, cover all your bases, check with your Rideshare Hub and your local authorities and know what the regulations require. Never take anyone’s word about something this important. Cover Your Automobile (CYA) just to be on the safe side.
What’s your opinion? Would you prefer a chauffeur’s license? Or will you be getting one?