To Makeup...

...or Not to Makeup
That is the question. If you’re a guy, maybe the question doesn’t pertain to you. If it does, to each his own. But, the question stands. Is it necessary for a female driver to wear make-up to drive around people she will probably only see once, for just a few minutes, and never see again?
Personal Preference
To wear makeup or not, is the driver’s preference. The definition of the professional appearance really depends on who you are. Some people, due to allergic response, can’t wear cosmetic products. Some people don’t feel completely dressed without it. So the choice is yours. Be you. “Be the best you that you can be…
What the Rider Expects
…But, always remember the rider." Think about it. If you were pulling up your app, requesting an Uber or a lyft and taking a ride across town, how would you expect your driver to look? Showered? Clean? Casually dressed? Certain brands of makeup carries a distinct fragrance. Some riders may be overpowered by the subtle impact. It’s something to consider when making your choice.
The Advantages of Wearing Makeup
It’s your choice. But, when women wear makeup, even just mascara and eyeliner, it makes an impression on the riders. You become a unique person. I conducted a little experiment of my own on 4 very different weekends. On Fridays, I wore no makeup and drove from 7 to 11pm. On Saturdays, I wore mascara and eyeliner and drove from 7 to 11pm. I wore similar outfits on Fridays and Saturdays so as not to appear totally different. Findings? My ratings and tips were higher on Saturdays than they were on Fridays.  Will this work for you? Who knows. This was my little informal experiment. The rule remains - “Be the best you that YOU can be.”
Planning for the Unexpected
Consider this, there's always the chance meeting in your vehicle or while you're fueling up at the gas station. You just never know who you're going to meet or see for the first time. One woman driver I know gave a ride to a major Transportation Owner and ended up trading name and cell numbers. When he needs help, he throws work her way. You can't buy that kind of first impression. 
Planning for the Future
So, there you have it. You are not required to do anything but it is highly suggested you clean up and dress “casual/professional” while you are out Uber-ing or lyft-ing about. Think about it, What would you wear to take your favorite rich grandma to lunch?
In the end, what it really comes down to is this - it’s your choice. What do you feel most comfortable doing? Because the riders will subconsciously pick up on your feelings of self worth and your self-esteem. They will react to that faster than Uber drivers chasing a 5.0 surge.
“Be the BEST YOU that YOU can be.”
What’s your opinion? Would you try an similar experiment? Do you think you’d get different results?