Staying ahead of the Pack!

It's easy to make money with Uber or Lyft when big events are happening around town. But what what do you do when it's just another ordinary day? Do something Weird!

Stay Abreast of Local Events!

Keep a eye out for local events that attract a special following. These attractions usually don't make headlines in national news but they do make the local paper's "calendar of events" section. A couple weeks before the event, start spreading the word. Let your riders know, put it out there on facebook. Grease the wheels! This helps build interest and when people are interested they talk!

Tease the Riders!

Most likely if you have riders in your car, they will ride another day. From the driver's perspective focusing on this demographic makes sense. Posting on social media or advertising your rideshare with flyers means you're targeting everyone. Great! But conserve your energy. Target your audience - your riders are easy targets!  

Offer Riders Discounts or Advance Tickets

This doesn't mean you need to keep a handful of tickets or change available. If a website connected to the event has information, discounts or advance tickets, hand the website information out! Get the word out. If your riders buy advance tickets, most likely they'll be looking for a ride!

Be a wierdo!

The day of the event, dress the part!  Do something to attract attention, change it up, get noticed! This will spark interest which will lead to questions! Last minute rider decisions, may create a buzz which  can boost your grand total for the day. Remember, the time the event is over is just as important as the time it begins. Those who need  a ride to the venue will be those that ride home from the venue. 


If you know someone in charge of tickets or the event, let them know you are advertising for them! Tell them how many people you've been sending their way and maybe, just maybe, you'll score tickets, dinner or a free mention at the event. Get your bang for your buck!