Give Your Wedding Guests a Worry FREE Ride! 

Is there a wedding in your future? Plan ahead and give your guests a gift for coming - a FREE ride! Help everyone have a great time and avoid drunk driving or getting into an car accident because they're party-tired! Show them you love them before, during and after your special event.  Keep your special day festive and full of great memories!

When you send out invitations, include a small, color matching, business size card.  On one side, invite your guests to:

1)   download the Uber rider app from Apple iTunes or Google Play and

2)   use promo code “ccjnkjx2ue” to get up to $15 off their first ride with Uber. 

On the other side of the same card, invite them to:

1) download the Lyft rider app from Apple iTunes or Google Play and

2) use promo code “GetHitchedonLyft” for up to $50 off their first ride.

The UberX  and Lyft vehicles are designed to take up to 4 riders at a time. Uber XL or Lyft Plus allows for up to six passengers to travel together per vehicle. This is great idea for the ride to or from the airport and/or to and from the wedding reception!

If the bride and/or groom already has an Uber or Lyft account of their own, they can invite guests to use their unique referral codes found on their app account page. The ride would be free to the guests and the happy couple will be rewarded with a small referral gift. This would be a wonderful way to give back to the bride and groom and they may be able to use their "referral gifts" to get around on their honeymoon.

Caveat: While codes may be used more than once, there is a limit of one free ride per new account for each Lyft or Uber rideshare app download. But, if more than one person downloads the app, sets up their own separate account, and uses the FREE  promo  code(s), a group of 4 people, 18 an older, planning to ride together, can ride up to 4 different times for free. This means a free ride to the church, to and from the reception and once to the airport. Zero worries about paying for taxis, getting a ticket for drinking and driving, or getting into an accident because someone is partied out.