Rude in another language is still rude.

I’m an opinionated person. Ask anyone that knows me; they’ll roll their eyes and agree without hesitation. But, there is one thing I won’t do - I won’t talk politics or religion while I’m driving for Lyft or Uber.

Whatever your beliefs are, talking about either subject is a sure way to get a rider to push the “Danger Button”. Next thing you know,  rider texts Uber HQ and reports you for making a him or her feel uncomfortable.

This is serious enough to get you de-activated, so, as a rule, I keep my opinions to myself... most of the time.

Not all opinions reek the same.

St. Patty’s Day was a good day to drive. It was not a good day for opinions. One of my many riders that day happen to be a visitor to these United States. He spoke with a thick, intoxicating and easily recognized accent. He had been partying all day long and, after midnight, was ready to head home.

Not 2 minutes into the ride, he turns to me and breathlessly asks who I voted for and, in his heavily romantic accent,  answered his own question with, “You voted for Hillary, no?”

Given enough to drink, EVERYTHING will be forgotten.

Since I had already been driving for 3 hours and seriously in need of a bathroom break, I was not in a mood to play “Wits” with an unarmed man. So, what did I do? I opened my mouth and answered, “Yes, I did not vote for Hillary.”  This drew a very loud hiss and a very surprised “WHAAAAAT!?”  from my rider.

Surprise! It’s an honest mistake. Most people assume if they’re talking to a  white, female senior citizen, in Michigan, they must be talking to a Hillary Supporter. And, he, in his alcohol sodden state, had obviously had made the same  mistake.

From that point on I was hammered with questions & accusations of stupidity -  each accompanied by very dramatic, very demonstrative and fully recognizable  hand gestures. It didn't matter what language you spoke. It was comical, really.

(In full disclosure, I never once felt threatened. Also, I never had a chance to respond to his tirade -  not that I would have - I couldn't get a word in edgewise!)

To Be Continued, Click here...


Opinions vs Silver

posted  03/23/2017 by Theresa Cobb