Sometimes, silence is enough


  • remembering a ride is just a ride, is enough,
  • leaving opinions at home & talking about fun, entertaining things to do around town, is enough,
  • riders may have had “more than enough” for a whole school bus full of people,
  • driving quietly watching mile markers zip by at 70 mph is enough   

But on this night, the rider was very inebriated, very animated, & I wasn’t getting any peace.

Sigh!  There's no sympathy for the self-inflicted.

There is always silver in the lining…

I was not offended by this European tourist’s behavior or his opinion of my non-choice for President of the USA. To be honest, I was more amazed by his passion and commitment to his own beliefs about the United States election process and, in his own words, “why it all went wrong”.

Listening to him, it hit me, I didn’t know who the current leader of the man’s country is, but he knew mine. I didn’t have any opinion about his country’s politics, but he certainly had one about US. Should I get one?

It’s for times like these I carry a certain coin in my pocket - a Lady Liberty silver dollar. It’s not the first dollar I made driving for Uber or Lyft, but it represents tangible, hold it in my fist, hard won rewards for all the work I do, and will continue to do. Dreams! I got those too!

This coin reminds me I have bills to pay and goals yet to reach. The walking symbol also reminds me that I have a choice to change my life as needed and walk away from all poverty - poverty of spirit, poverty of mind & poverty of body.  It’s times like these I hold tight to that coin, that symbol. Hi Ho Silver!

Moral of the story…

In the final analysis, nothing major happened. 

I gave a man a ride. That man paid for his ride. Then,  full of spirits, in full liquid style, he stumbled up to his apartment, slid thru his door and out of my sight.

I don’t know what Mr. Opinion got charged for his ride, but, I know what I got paid. Since this ride was on a surge, I got paid handsomely,

(no, he didn’t tip me, bastido!)…

…and, for the 16th time that night, silver trumped drunk and a Lone Lady Driver rolled off into the night to drive again.


Opinions vs Silver

posted  03/23/2017 by Theresa Cobb